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Residential Air Purifiers

A Comfortable Fit in Your Home

AQUAS Air provides two innovative residential air purification systems for filtering the air in your home.  Industrial-strength, both models are made to provide the cleanest air possible.

HW Deluxe (Professional DFS Air Filtration System)

The HealthWay Deluxe air purifier is top of the line in air purification systems for removing microorganisms, airborne particles and unhealthy gases from your indoor environment.  As a result, your living areas are healthier for a healthier you.

In just 30 minutes, this revolutionary technology provides a 90% cleaner home, making this machine the most powerful air purifier in the world.

Rated as Class ll Medical Device by FDA.

Download the specifications here.

Healthway Deluxe Residential Air Purifier
HealthWay Deluxe Residential Air Filtration
HealthWay Deluxe Residential Air Cleaner

HW 10600-9 DFS Tabletop air Purification System

With HealthWay’s innovative research and development, the HealthWay 10600-9 is designed for a small office or home.  Although it uses the same patented high technology, it is smaller and stylish, complementing any living space décor.

Download tabletop air purifier specifications here.

Tabletop Residential Air Purifier
Tabletop Residential Air Purification System
Tabletop Residential Air Cleaning

HW Whole House Super V

In a 2016 survey, 70% of home-buyers ranked a home’s “health” as equally
or more important than aesthetics, longevity and cost. At Healthway, we
couldn’t agree more. That’s why we developed our Super V whole-house air
cleaner. Installed at your home’s point of entry, this revolutionary machine
uses patented DFS filtration technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free,
air throughout your entire home. And it’s installed outside of your furnace’s
blower, resulting in lower pressure drop, and higher energy savings.

Download Whole House Super V specifications here.

Healthway Whole House Super V Air Purification
Healthway Whole House Super V Air Purification