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99.99% Air Filtration Efficiency

Our air filtration process removes air borne particles down to .007 micron.  Improve asthma, COPD, allergies, dust, dander and other health problems caused by air pollutants.  Hospitals, churches, child care, labs and your home can have clean air and a significant reduction of mold, bacteria and viruses.  We serve commercial and residential buildings. In order to serve you properly, we offer a variety of products to fit any need.

HealthWay Products Breathe Innovation

Studies show that we spend 90% of our time indoors. HealthWay’s mission is to make that air fresh.  Their patented air purification systems are innovative, helping to make you feel better every time you take a breath.  State of the Art products are suited for the most intense commercial environments such as healthcare facilities and hospitals where clean air makes a real difference.  Imagine the benefits of a HealthWay air purifier in your home!

Authorized Dealer of Healthway Air Filtration Products

Call AQUAS Air at (209) 527-6764 for an in-office or home demo to check your Air Quality.  You will experience the DIFFERENCE HealthWay can make immediately.

Healthway Air Filtration and Purification Innovation
Pure air is now available from HealthWay for medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, schools, and homes, wherever people breath….
Healthway Air Filtration for the home
Quality healthcare is about prevention, and cleaning the air you breathe by removing microscopic dust particles, mold, bacteria, etc. is step one.
Commercial Air Filtration and Purification
Quality air filtration products are about dependability, the result of HealthWay’s extensive scientific research and testing.
High Technology in Air Purification
The research and development that have resulted in our air purification products include 23 air quality product patents worldwide.

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